SiSoft Sandra MAX3 Released

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SiSoft Sandra MAX3 Released

A new version of the synthetic benchmarking utility, SiSoft Sandra has just been released, oddly named “MAX3”. Here’s the list of additions:

“- Multi-language combined installer (English, French, Nederland, Russian) with more languages to follow.
– Support for AMD Opteron multi-processor architecture (AMD Athlon 64/Opteron CPUs; AMD 8131, SiS 755/760, VIA K8T400/M chipsets; AMD 8111, SiS 963/S/L south bridges; NUMA up to 32/64 nodes; ACPI 2.0; SMBus 2.0)
– Support for Intel Pentium 4 400MHz architecture (Intel P4 2.4-3.2GHz CPUs;Intel 875P, 865P/PE/G chipsets; ICH5/5R south bridges)
– Support for Intel Pentium M mobile architecture (Intel PM 1.3-1.6GHz CPUs; Intel 855PM, 855GM chipsets)
– Support for SiS embedded architecture (SiS 55x SOC)
– Support for Intel Itanium 2 architecture (Intel E8870 chipset; NUMA up to 64 nodes; ACPI 2.0)
– Support for USB 2.0 HiSpeed USB controllers (enhanced EHCI; USB hubs)
– Support for Windows 64-bit XP/2003 IA64 and AMD64 in the 32-bit version through dedicated device drivers ensuring full functionality even under WOW64. The installer seamlessly sets up the correct device driver for the target OS.
– Support for WinSock ports (TCP & UDP) & process bound listing.”

We’ve only come across one mirror so far, and that is at Overclockers Australia. That said, their servers seem to be quite resiliant and should give most of you fairly fast download speeds.