Wasting THG readers’ time

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Wasting THG readers' time

In response to an article that appeared on The Inquirer, the following reply, below, was sent to Mike Magee, who kindly published it on his site.

This will be the extent of our reply to this situation, a ridiculous waste of time for everyone involved with MML2. An event that we promoted and sponsored as a means of giving back to the enthusiast community.

THG will continue to promote and support the LAN gaming community, and not for financial reasons – we don’t get any money for doing it and we give away our tee shirts, too.

We’ll do it because, eventually we will find likeminded people who want to get together, have some fun, and if our endorsement helps the organizers get sponsors who can give out more freebies and bigger prize money, so much the better. Heck, someone has to bring the nachos.

As for the unsavoury site that chose to try and spoil MML2 for everyone, we’ll leave it to the lawyers to figure out. Maybe the site will realize that ethics and morality in journalism applies to it, too.

Dear Mike,

I find myself writing to you in response to some comments that were made on some AMD fanboy site, as referred to in a piece here. Why? Indigestion, headache, ennui, lack of caffeine – who knows. There really does not seem much sense having to deal with this sort of thing, although it has to be said that I am sick and tired of fanboy sites that do nothing but slam everyone for their own edification. Soapbox amateurs who just want to get a few rants up on a page, and paint themselves as gurus. What has it got to do with hardware and technology? Nothing. They’re Tom wannabes, or Anand wannabes, or Kyle wannabes, or even Mike wannabes. I would hope they aspire to something greater, but the nature of society today dictates that we all have a grasp that exceeds our reach.

My sincere hope is that AMD finally realizes that their fanboy sites are what is going to ultimately put them out of the desktop business. If it was possible, I’d set up a tote and take bets on it.

I wish this rubbish had something to do with enthusiasm, or with the so called hardware “community.” It doesn’t. We don’t stop anyone from coming to our events, or block any publication from working with companies that we work with. Who gives a damn? It’s tough enough trying to keep up with everything that comes into the labs.

If it was the case that we could strongarm any other competing site, Ziff Davis would have pretty much stuck it to all of us some time ago, or IDG, or CMP, or any other publisher for that matter.

MML2 was supposed to be just about having fun. It is quite a simple concept. Get lots of people together for a big bash. Get lots of sponsors so that the people at the event can get lots of freebies. Just have fun and get freebies. Heck, we gave away a bunch of THG tee shirts for the first time. We also thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go hang out with our readers, and have a celebration. You can check the site, we have done quite a bit of Lanwar coverage, and we got a kick out of it so, we backed this event by promoting it. No money for us, no other motive than to see if we could create more fun events for our readers to attend. Sure, it is good PR, but it’s not rocket science, and it isn’t mainstream editorial or content for us.

In fact, this makes me even more determined to put more effort into doing other LAN parties in future. As for the doomsday freaks and conspiracy cretins, fanboys need to get a life. IThey need to either loosen up, or find refuge in their own Arctic communes, free from the distraction of social interaction, and where the only voice heard is their own. And, of course, the cooler climate will allow them to avoid making that heatsink purchase and they can happily overclock their PCs in their pre-fab igloos.

Hope your Sunday went better than mine. I suppose my only option now is to pursue chemical research that might help alleviate the frontal lobe pressure that seems to hinder reality, and to dominate the fanboy community and press.

THG will just have to stick to doing reviews of hardware and writing about technology.

Send my regards to Eva,

Omid Rahmat
General Manager
Tom’s Guides Publishing