One more time – last word on MML2

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One more time - last word on MML2

Now that HardOCP has decided to get in on the action, it’s time to end this farce with regards to a media blackout at MML2.

Below is the actual email I sent the Webmaster at HardOCP, a fact that he neglected to mention, choosing to splice it for his own nefarious purposes.

It’s exasperating to deal with this sort of thing, and perhaps the lawyers will make it clear that it is a waste of our time to deal with this sort of baseless rubbish.

On the other hand, should we let everyone believe what they want to believe? If someone can explain how a media blackout was at place at MML2 yet, no media were barred from participating, no-one was told that there was a media blackout, we have never done a media blackout of anything, and finally, Mr. Shrout was actually at the event, and we have pictures and video of him being there?

Now it’s getting boring if for no other reason than the fact that there is no objectivity or sanity in all this. And if there are conspiracy theorists who haven’t read the Sudhian coverage, or the comments by the actual event organizers at Lanwar than, so be it. What can anyone do?

As for HardOCP, I tried to deal with them in a clear cut professional manner, but that organization’s hatred of THG knows no bounds so, better that we just let them do what they do.

The online press is surreal, at best, donchya know.

I read your response to my email to Mike Magee, and I will say this in reply:

-We will deal with Mr. Shrout through the appropriate legal channels, and leave it at that.
-We had no media blackout at MML2, a fact that can be easily verified by looking at, an enthusiast website that was also at MML2. We have never had a media blackout at any event, or with any vendor, under any situation. No agreements with anyone, and of course, it is quite clear that there was no media blackout because, Mr. Shrout could not find a single person to verify the story. He contradicts himself while his libeling THG, another interesting point about his article.
-Mr. Shrout made no attempt to talk to the THG representative at the event, either, and so, I am mystified as to how he can call him an ass**** in his article. That’s journalism? That doesn’t show animosity?
-Mr. Shrout made no effort to check with this company about the facts, and chose to misrepresent, and fabricate statements in his article about a supposed media blackout at MML2. A lie is a lie. No matter how you say it, or how much you take a stand on it. So, if you can tell me how saying THG had a media blackout is not a lie when obviously no such blackout existed, I am listening.
-It is amateurish, and a disservice to the enthusiast community to have people purport to represent that community when they don’t seem to have any interest in pursuing an ideal or the truth. A little fact checking would have been helpful. All we get is hearsay, and not very convincing hearsay at that. More like sour grapes, and sanctimony.

Finally, MML2 was not a THG event. It has its own organizers, and they are independent. We went there and promoted it because we believe in LAN parties, and wanted to show our appreciation to the audience. There was no financial benefit to us, and we certainly had nothing to do with the sponsors’ relationship with the event. I believe that many sites choose to be at these types of events, and show their support for the readers.

Do sponsors want to get the best coverage at an event? Well, they’d be stupid not to want that.

Were there any other press people booked for MML2 that the sponsors were of? No, but as you can see from the coverage on, any other press that came along was treated respectfully and was not hindered in any way. You can also visit the organizers at, and you will see clearly that there was no media blackout. In fact, I personally recommeded to the organizers that they get as much as press as they could. Local press such as WHAS 11 TV was there.

So, what is this nonsense about a media blackout?

Finally, LAN parties are meant to be parties. The enthusiast community may try and remember that it is about having fun at these events, and Mr. Shrout only spoilt a lighthearted event for many people with his scandalous comments.

Omid Rahmat
Tom’s Guides Publishing LLC