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An issue that has affected many hardware publications in the past, especially those that are based online, is the fact that it is relatively simple for someone to pose as a staff member in order to obtain free hardware components. While these people usually end up getting caught before they can even say “Fooled ya, sucker!”, it’s still quite disturbing nonetheless to see the extent to which some will go in order to update their rig.

The aforementioned fraudulent behavior was experienced by Nathan Glentworth from TweakNews earlier this week, where a person posing as the editor of the site requested free PC4000 memory from OCZ which was promised a review for “around the end of the month”. Suffice it to say, legal proceedings are now underway.

Any resellers/manufacturers/vendors that read this post, watch out for this type of dishonest behaviour in future. Usually, if the person requesting the gear doesn’t have an email it’s a telltale sign that you’re being fooled.

Read the official TweakNews forum post regarding their experience.