XGI – The Next Big Thing in PC Graphics?

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XGI - The Next Big Thing in PC Graphics?

Graphics chipset manufacturer, XGI, has just announced the launch of its new website. Judging from what we’ve seen so far, XGI certainly looks to be a company to watch out for, and we’ll definitely be spending a significant amount of time with them in Taipei during this year’s Computex trade show (22nd-26th of September).

XGI is based in Taipei, Taiwan and offers graphics chipsets for both mobile and desktop platforms. Its desktop chips include the Volari Duo, the Volari V8/V8 Ultra, the Volari V5/V5 Ultra, and the Volari V3. Possibly the most interesting of these is the DirectX 9-based Volari Duo V8 Ultra, which XGI are touting as the “world’s first dual graphics processor solution”. The Duo runs at a clock speed of 350MHz and features a 256-bit 3D engine, four Vertex Shader 2.0 units, eight Pixel Shader 2.0 units, a 16 set pipeline and up to 512MB of DDRII-SDRAM running at 500MHz.

As far as mobile offerings are concerned, XGI’s flagship, high-end mobile graphics chipset is the DirectX 8.1-based XP5, running at a clock speed of 250MHz and allowing for up to 128MB of DDR memory running at 250MHz.

A PDF file comparing each of XGI’s graphics chipsets can be found here.

As mentioned above, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out on XGI over the coming months, and are hoping that its products will bring some much needed competition to an ATI/Nvidia dominated market. After all, as with all competition, this will only lead to higher quality, lower priced products for you, the consumer.