ABIT Computex 2003 Preview

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ABIT Computex 2003 Preview

This year’s Computex Taipei has grown to become the 2nd largest IT show in the world, surpassing rival shows in North America and Asia. As a major player in Taiwan’s IT industry and the enthusiast motherboard brand of choice, ABIT will be showing off the latest ABIT Engineered products offering users cutting edge solutions for the mini PC, hardware monitoring, enhanced security and advanced cooling.

ÃGuru“ABIT ÃGuru is a new microprocessor designed by the ABIT Engineers for use only on ABIT motherboards. ÃGuru conveniently combines several useful hardware monitoring, overclocking, BIOS flashing and audio tweaking functions into one easy to use, windows-based interface.”

DigiDice“ABIT’s DigiDice mini PC goes where other mini PCs don’t even dare. While other manufacturers have added all kinds of colourful looking but useless features, ABIT has given power users a high performance mini PC with more features and expansion capabilities than the competition: room for 2 hard disks, 2 ATAPI devices (CD/DVD(RW) drives) and an AGP and PCI slot as well as the most advanced and silent cooling solution available for any mini PC.”

IC7-MAX3“The IC7-MAX3 is equipped with a feature never even conceived for a desktop motherboard: active cooling for the hottest part of a motherboard, the PWM mosfets and capacitors. While active cooling on the northbridge has been developed in recent years, the PWM area has been completely ignored. OTES fills this need, while also serving to exhaust air outside of the PC case.”

KV8-MAX3“Built on the long-anticipated Athlon 64 CPU and based on VIA’s high performance VIA K8KT800 chipset, the KV8 MAX3 promises to bring AMD fans the ultimate platform for gaming, multimedia and insane overclocking. Being a MAX product, the KV8 is loaded with features including 6 channel serial ATA RAID, 6 channel audio, gigabit LAN, SPDIF In and Out, USB 2.0 and Firewire.”

Read the entire press release.