Half-Life 2 Source Leaked

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Half-Life 2 Source Leaked

Gabe Newell confirmed today that the source for Half-Life 2 has been leaked. From what we can tell, it appears that Valve has been the victim of a hacker attack. Gabe is asking for the help of the community in trying to track down those responsible for this attack.

While certainly Valve isn’t the favorite company of late to many. If this is retaliation toward them for their out spoken position toward the performance of the NVIDIA products, it is clear that this is stepping over the line.

What are people trying to prove? Why would someone due such a thing? Who could be responsible for such an attack?

Having a code leak like this will most certainly impact Valve’s ability to sell HL2 because people might make judgments on the finished product after looking leaked code. Let us hope for Valve’s sake that this leak is not that wide spread.

You can read Gabe’s thoughts and explanation of the situation here.