SiSR659 Offers New Levels of Performance

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SiSR659 Offers New Levels of Performance

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), announced of the newest Advanced HyperStreaming Engine (AHSE) technology and its in the new SiSR659 series chipset.

Utilizing a high speed Rambus memory interface and controller technology with support up to 16 GB of quad channel 1200 MHz RDRAM, the SiSR659 delivers an outstanding 9.6 GB/s of memory bandwidth. This would make it the fastest chipset on the market today. To support the high speed and capacity of Rambus memory, SiS implemented the new Advanced HyperStreaming Engine architecture to give the SiSR659 full compatibility with 800MHz FSB CPUs.

AHSE is an advanced version of the Hyperstreaming Engine. AHSE technology features 1. Low Latency with single stream, 2. Pipelining and Concurrent Execution with Multiple streams, 3. Prioritized Channel with Specific stream, 4. Smart flow control and Intelligent arbitration with Smart stream and 5. advanced stream accelerative technology, compared to Intel’s PAT, provide a remarkable improvement in transfer speeds between the CPU, DRAM and the north-bridge chipset. While AHSE shares the same high-speed hardware read/write capabilities that are inherent to HSE, it is also compatible with identical operating environments and supports the same graphic and audio capabilities. The outstanding memory bandwidth supported by AHSE makes a clearly noticeable improvement in overall system performance.

AHSE fuses these five technologies, and integrates hardware management and system resource allocation, including the CPU, front side bus, south-bridge chipset, memory controller, graphics interface, and peripheral I/O to push personal computing to the cutting edge of performance. By taking full advantage of the Intel platform and high speed Rambus memory technology, the SiSR659’s advanced architecture meets the needs of the most demanding high performance user.

SiSR659 samples will be available in the fourth quarter. We expect Asus to deliver the first R659 board to be available. While the R658 was not a big hit, the new R659 does have a lot going for it and it will be interesting to see if SiS can deliver a high end solution that will offer the kind of performance suggested by the exceptional 9.6 GB/s memory bandwidth number.